SmokeCloak Intruder Alarms

May 11, 2023

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SmokeCloak is an innovative security solution. Once activated, this device will provide an impenetrable curtain of fog. Subsequently, this will protect any high-value stock and prevent theft and damage. In this blog, OHEAP will discuss SmokeCloak and its applications. These are the reasons you should choose it to secure your premises.

What Is SmokeCloak?

SmokeCloak is a system designed to prevent break-ins and robberies. The system does this through the reduction of time an intruder has to carry out their attack. SmokeCloak’s dense fog will reduce visibility significantly. Perpetrators will barely be able to see their own hands within seconds, thus making it impossible for an intruder to see your stock or navigate through the store. With this product, we will guarantee a harder time for intruders to steal goods and an increase in the chances of them leaving empty-handed. Click here for information on how intruder alarms work?


The Benefits of a SmokeCloak

SmokeCloak has been proven to reduce losses by up to 95%. This significant reduction in losses can ensure your business will improve its bottom line, and that any high-value stock remains on the premises. SmokeCloak currently secures billions of pounds worth of stock in the UK. Making it the largest and the original security fog manufacturer.

One of the key benefits of SmokeCloak is that it is developed and manufactured in the UK. This means that you can trust that the product has been built to a high standard and is compliant with UK regulations. SmokeCloak is both EN50131-8 compliant and manufactured to ISO9001.

SmokeCloak is an effective security solution for jewellery stores, electronic shops, and many businesses with high-value stock. we can use this device in conjunction with other security measures such as CCTV, intruder alarms, and access control systems. OHEAP can create a comprehensive security solution for you.

SmokeCloak is also an effective security solution for businesses that operate 24/7. It can be used to protect staff and assets during non-business hours and reduce the risks associated with out-of-hours operations.

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The Applications of SmokeCloak

 SmokeCloak in Retail

Retailers of all sizes, from national high street chains to small independents, are facing an increasing risk of retail crime. Shockingly, statistics indicate that the average attack takes between 3 to 5 minutes, which is often too fast for the police or key holders to react. However, with SmokeCloak, you can protect your premises and stock during that critical moment.

By installing SmokeCloak, you can prevent losses and downtime that typically result from a break-in. Once the system is activated, intruder alarm sensors will monitor your property and alert you of any unwanted guests. If movement is detected, SmokeCloak will be triggered immediately, enveloping the area with a thick fog. The fog will then drastically reduce visibility to less than arm’s length. This ensures that your goods are protected, and intruders are forced to leave empty-handed.

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 SmokeCloak in Office Spaces

Unfortunately, building security is often overlooked or considered unnecessary by owners. For an opportunistic burglar, an office block will appear to be an obvious and easy target. However, you can protect your property from such break-ins by installing SmokeCloak.

When movement is detected, SmokeCloak instantly activates, shrouding the area with a dense fog. This innovative system offers round-the-clock protection. In fact, intruder alarm sensors monitor your premises for any unwanted visitors. This ensures that your goods remain safe, and intruders are unable to steal anything.

 SmokeCloak in Warehouses

Large warehouses will be an attractive target for burglars due to the high value of goods stored within them. Additionally, many of these warehouses are located in quiet industrial areas, where there are usually fewer people around to disturb intruders. Especially during the weekends or overnight hours. Whenever a business operates using higher-value goods, it faces a significant threat of theft and therefore will always benefit from intruder prevention methods.

 SmokeCloak in Jewellers

Jewellery stores face the critical challenge of ensuring that intruders are deterred from stealing or damaging the stock. With the use of SmokeCloak, we can ensure staff members are safe in the event of a robbery. This can be during both opening and closing hours. One effective way to address this challenge is to deprive intruders of their ability to see valuable items. This can be achieved in seconds by using a dense field of fog that is directed towards the intruders, leaving them with a clear corridor to exit the premises safely. Important to note, the SmokeCloak is designed to force the intruder out of the shop, not to push them further into the premises.

 SmokeCloak in Banks

Financial and banking companies that handle cash have long been aware of the risks posed by criminal attacks. Typically, a bank will be under threat by well-thought-out plans and more advanced-level burglars. Therefore, these premises require greater intruder prevention measures and are continually seeking to enhance their security. Despite significant investments in building infrastructure and electronic security systems, these premises remain a prime target for criminals due to the presence of cash. A SmokeCloak can make it extremely difficult for the perpetrator to see and carry out their attack.

By installing a SmokeCloak, your property can be shielded from losses and downtime that typically result from a break-in. With SmokeCloak’s intruder alarm sensors keeping a close watch for intruders, any movement in the premises can trigger the system to release a dense fog. This immediate response ensures that your goods remain protected, forcing any potential criminals to flee empty-handed.

 SmokeCloak in Vehicles

It’s no secret that criminals recognise the vulnerability of high-value goods once they leave their secure storage locations. With SmokeCloak your goods can remain safe and secure during transport. The system can be activated through the vehicle’s alarm or a dedicated panic alarm located in the cab. As soon as it’s triggered, a dense fog is immediately released, enveloping the goods and rendering them invisible to criminals. This added layer of protection makes it virtually impossible for thieves to see or access your valuable items.


In conclusion, SmokeCloak is a revolutionary security solution that offers impenetrable protection for any high-value stock and premises. This innovative system reduces the time an intruder has to carry out an attack. It does this by enveloping the area with a dense fog that significantly reduces visibility.

SmokeCloak has been proven to reduce losses by up to 95%, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. It is EN50131-8 compliant and manufactured to ISO9001 standards, ensuring it meets UK regulations. SmokeCloak can be used in conjunction with other security measures such as CCTV, intruder alarms, and access control systems to create a comprehensive security solution. It is an effective security solution for retail stores, office spaces, warehouses, jewellers, and banks. By choosing SmokeCloak, you can protect your business from losses and downtime that result from a break-in, ensuring your high-value stock remains on the premises.

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