Why should you consider a smart intruder alarm upgrade for your home?

Jul 5, 2024

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Protecting your home security is non-negotiable. Being able to trust that your house is protected against intruders is vital. It keeps you the homeowner, your belongings, and your property safe. Technology is ever advancing in new ways to protect properties from the potential threat of intruders. Upgrading to a smart intruder alarm is a quick and effective way to securely safeguard your house without undergoing invasive work. This article will underpin the value of upgrading to a smart intruder alarm and why OHEAP’s smart intruder alarm package is the right choice for your home.

What is a Smart Intruder Alarm?

NSI alarm OHEAP in Derby and Nottingham
This type of intruder alarm is state-of the art and utilises modern technology to maintain the safety and security of the home. A smart intruder alarm can be operated through an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app accessed via the internet. This makes home security accessible wherever you are and keeps homeowners up to date with any house activity. The system can be retrofitted and also comes with a state-of-the-art touchscreen keypad to ensure all the latest technology is protecting your home.

Benefits of a Smart Intruder Alarm

1. Standard or regular intruder alarm systems can be clunky and can damage the aesthetic of your house. Alongside this, the process of having an alarm installed can be invasive and time consuming with additional wiring required throughout. Also, the longevity of the system cannot always be guaranteed. This is due to being installed by a third party unfamiliar with the specific needs of the software and due to the wear and tear of weather conditions.

Upgrading to a smart intruder alarm, however, can rectify these issues. The OHEAP smart intruder alarm is a reliable system sold, installed, and maintained through OHEAP. This removes the uncertainty of the systems quality becoming damaged during instalment or over time as OHEAP are NSI Gold Accredited.

OHEAP upgrade domestic intruder alarms by utilising the wires and infrastructure that already exists minimising invasive install work. The OHEAP installation process also takes less than a day ensuring the convenience and efficiency of the smart intruder alarm system.

2. Upgrading with OHEAP gives you the option to add CCTV cameras as part of the integrated system. Both the panel, sounder and cameras can all be monitored and managed via the mobile app. This means you will have total protection against burglars and intruders. Serial thieves are no stranger to averting regular or standard security systems.

A simpler bell or sound alarm security systems may not deter thieves sufficiently. These intruders recognise older security systems and will not be deterred by the sight of them. This is because security systems are often forgotten about once installed. The system may not be maintained thoroughly or have a battery that has lost power. Another example of outdated, and therefore, less secure, systems is a lack of access due to outdatded software.

3. Perhaps the main reason for upgrading to a smart intruder alarm is the accessibility achieved through the mobile app. OHEAP offer a mobile app that allows homeowners to monitor their houses comings and goings from anywhere with internet access, all from their mobile phone. The OHEAP smart intruder alarm allows remote property monitoring without any hidden subscription fees. Security and accessibility must go hand in hand. OHEAP understand this and build this into their smart security software to give clients peace of mind when travelling, at work or when vulnerable people are home alone.

4. You can benefit from upgrading to a smart intruder alarm system as the accessibility to maintaining protection of a property. OHEAP provide security products that are reliable and trustworthy that remove stress altogether.

Alongside this, OHEAP are dedicated to maintaining the quality of their products. Any issue with your newly upgraded smart intruder alarm will be fixed quickly through OHEAP so clients can feel assured that their home security will not be compromised. Also included in your alarm system upgrade is a back-up battery. This means that if you’ve moved into a new home and you aren’t sure how old or well maintained the alarm battery is, you can be sure it will work in a power cut.

Why Should You Install a Smart Intruder Alarm?


Remote Security at your fingertips

Orisec Phone CCTVWith the mobile app, the Smart Intruder Alarm can be accessed at any time of the day, wherever you are via internet connection. Security and accessibility should go hand in hand to ease stress and maintain total house security. Whether you need to see who is at the front door, where the delivery man has left the parcel, or what time your alarm was deactivated when your children came home from school, you can see and manage it all in the palm of your hands.


Smart intruder alarm upgrades give you the latest, up to date technology to deter thieves and provide evidence in the event of an unwanted visitor. The system uses British technology and hardware for the highest quality cyber security functionality in a robust package.


Installing a smart intruder alarm allows homeowners total control of their home’s accessibility and security. OHEAP’s smart intruder alarm also offers a CCTV upgrade. With the added level of protection provided through discrete CCTV cameras homeowners can check on their homes security whenever they want, wherever they are. This update, provided through OHEAP, will give you complete peace of mind that your home is always safe and secure.


Simple installation with minimum wiring requirements and disruption mean it is unlikely to take more than a day to upgrade your house to a smart security system.


Whilst installing a security system in the first place is always vital for security, choosing the best and most up-to-date system for your home must be considered. A smart intruder alarm utilises technology to protect the home effectively, efficiently, and constantly. Upgrading to a smart intruder alarm is a simple, quick, and easily accessible option that gives homeowners greater control and flexibility over the security and safety of their home. Finally, upgrading your security is simple and stress-free. Choosing smart intruder alarm systems from companies such as OHEAP maximises property protection and minimises stress.

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