How Do You Choose The Right Security System For Your Business?

Feb 13, 2024

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Running a modern business involves finding solutions to a wide range of extremely complex problems. There are few circumstances where this is truer than in security. Keeping your business protected and securing your premises should always be a top priority.  However, this can present some challenges for the key decision-makers in your business. Choosing a security system can often feel like a daunting task due to the sheer range of options available and factors to consider. 

In this article, we will guide you through the key factors that you should consider when choosing the right security system for your business. We will discuss the needs of businesses of different sizes, the potential security risks that might be present in your business, the value of a security review, and the importance of working with the right people for installation and implementation. 

The Importance of Camera and Alarm Systems

Well-implemented camera and alarm systems allow you to protect your business from some of the most common forms of crime. In a recent survey, it was found that businesses lost a total of £12.9 billion to burglaries and theft in 2022 alone. However, there are different ways that a security system can bring value to your business. 

Crime prevention 

A strong security system can be extremely effective as a method of crime prevention. The presence of security systems, especially cameras, can act as a potent deterrent to potential intruders. Criminals are significantly less likely to target any business that is monitored. 

Incident resolution 

Even if an incident of theft or intrusion does occur, the presence of camera and alarm systems can make it much easier to reach a resolution. From alerting you to an intruder right away, to video footage allowing you to identify perpetrators, your security system can be a powerful tool for protecting your assets and your business. 

Cost saving 

Investing in a cutting-edge security system can also be a cost-saving measure. Not only does it help you to avoid the losses involved in theft and vandalism, but it can also reduce your insurance costs. By showing that you are committed to mitigating risks, you can bring your insurance premiums down. A security system is a valuable investment in your business’s financial well-being. 

There’s no doubt that the right security equipment and processes can significantly reduce the risk to your business. This is especially true for smaller businesses, for whom crimes like theft can be far more impactful. Of course, that doesn’t mean that larger businesses shouldn’t also invest in the right security measures. 

Conducting a security audit

At first glance, the idea of having a high-quality security system in place might seem obvious. However, the previous survey also noted that over a quarter of businesses don’t have a working alarm. The reality is that many businesses, of all sizes, are not equipped to prevent many kinds of crimes. That’s why it is so important to conduct a security review of your premises. 

A security review, also known as a security audit, allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities in your business and premises. It also allows you the opportunity to identify the high-value assets that you need to dedicate resources to protecting. When conducting a security review, there are several questions you should ask:

1. What security is the current system providing? 

Are the highest-value assets in your business well protected? Do your alarms or cameras cover the most vulnerable areas of your premises?

2. Where are the weak points? 

Where can you identify the areas in which your security is lacking? Are there blind spots for your cameras? Are there ways that sensors and alarms can be bypassed? Becoming aware of these weaknesses is the first step to making necessary improvements. 

3. What are the primary risks to your business? 

It’s important to determine what kinds of crime your business is vulnerable to. This could range from the theft of stock to the damage to server rooms. 

4. Who has access to the building and its subsystems? 

Are there areas of your building that people do or do not have access to? If that’s the case, are those areas secure against those who are not permitted access? 

5. What procedures are in place to handle certain incidents? 

If the alarm is triggered, do you know what to do next? Are you aware of the specific contact numbers to use in the event of vandalism to your security systems? 

Asking these questions will allow you to conduct the most thorough possible security audit of your premises, and provide you with the information you need to ensure that your security system is functioning as effectively as possible. 

Understanding your security requirements  

Once you understand the current state of your business’s security measures, you will need to establish what your requirements are and how to meet them. 

When establishing your security requirements, it’s important to consider the size of your business. On the simplest level, larger premises will require more security measures. The larger your building is, the more cameras, motion sensors, and door alarms you will require. 

However, it’s also important to consider other requirements that come with the growth of your business. As your business grows, you may begin to require more and more dedicated server rooms rather than relying on cloud computing. This expansion presents an increased security risk that you need to be ready to manage. 

Another important thing to consider is growth. For the vast majority of businesses, growth is a core factor. Because of this, you must ensure your security system is not only suitable for your current needs but scalable into the future. 

What is included in a security system? 



Surveillance cameras and CCTV are invaluable when it comes to theft prevention and threat identification. They are also an essential element of dealing with a crime or incident that has already occurred. 

At OHEAP Fire & Security, we offer a wide range of high-quality, advanced camera technology options to ensure that you can monitor your premises as accurately as possible. Many of our cameras also provide you with advanced monitoring options including smartphone connectivity, thermal detection, and video analytics. 

Access Control 

If your premises contain any kind of high-value assets or sensitive information, you may find that it becomes necessary to manage who can and cannot enter certain areas of the property. That’s where access control systems become invaluable to your business. 

Access control systems use various forms of identification, including biometrics, keypads, tag readers, and physical barriers, to ensure that areas of your business where you need to control access are kept safe and secure. This not only ensures the safety of physical assets but can protect valuable data as well. 

Alongside access control systems, OHEAP can also supply motion detectors, as well as door and window contact detectors. That way, you are provided with additional levels of security and monitoring in sensitive areas. 

Intruder Alarms 

In the event of a breach in security, an intruder alarm is essential for alerting you to the incident, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently. At OHEAP, our advanced intruder alarm systems not only provide an immediate response to intruders, break-ins, and security breaches, but they can also alert you through your smart device or our 24/7 monitoring station. That means, that no matter where you are, you can respond to an intruder right away. 

The most common intruder alarms are those that use high-volume alarms to alert you to an intruder. However, there are other options available. For instance, SmokeCloak intruder alarms produce a curtain of fog that directly protects any high-value stock and assets. 

Intruder alarms aren’t simply a tool for detection. Their presence often acts as a deterrent alongside CCTV and access control systems.

Central control panels

At the core of many security systems is the central control panel. This is the command centre of your entire system. It allows you to connect to and interact with every other aspect of the system, providing you with efficient, specific control. 

The various elements of your security system can be integrated into one another and controlled from the central control panel. This provides you with a complete 360 security solution. With our complete security solutions, you can be sure that your premises are protected, without spreading yourself thin trying to manage multiple different elements at once. 


Whatever security system you choose, you need to be sure that it is installed correctly to make sure that it is as effective as possible. Not only that, but your system needs regular maintenance. Without the correct maintenance, gaps in your security system could appear, potentially putting your business at risk. 

At OHEAP Fire & Security, our NSI Gold accredited engineers can advise you on choosing the right security system and provide fast installation. Not only that, but our engineers can help maintain your security system, ensuring that they’re always providing your business with the protection that it needs.   

If you want to discuss your security system needs, get in touch with one of our fully qualified engineers online or call us on 0330 999 8786. 

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