CCTV Systems

Monitor your property from your computer or phone with our range of CCTV systems. 

There are 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK with 96% owned by companies & homeowners.

Our range of CCTV systems has been carefully curated to ensure you receive a trusted system that’s built to last. We use a feature rich range of products to cover all areas of CCTV, AHD and IP. Our versatile systems mean that you can be sure to get the system to help protect your business within your budget. 

IP Cameras

Internal Protocol Cameras are cameras that dont require a local storage device. Instead they send the footage to a network video recorder. Our IP cameras are available in a variety of different housing types with a selection of different lenses fixed to varifocal or motorised.

AHD Cameras

Analog High Definition Cameras send video footage to a recorder via cabling. Our range of AHD cameras consists of bullet, turret and mini-dome housings available with a range of lenses.


Our recorders range from 4 up to 64 channels and can support up to 12mp resolution. Our IP recorders can offer 14 analytics modules to monitor suspicious behaviour.    

Central Management System

We also offer a CCTV CMS system allowing you to take complete control of your CCTV administration from out Central Management System. 

Mobile App

You can even manage your CCTV System remotely with our IOS and Android mobile app. Our App allows you to monitor multiple sites and receive push notifications to your phone or tablet. 


Can I Integrate my CCTV with other security systems?

Our skilled engineers can integrate your chosen CCTV solution into our access control and intruder alarm systems.

How often does a CCTV system need servicing?

Standalone systems should be serviced annually whilst monitored systems should be serviced every six months.

Other Services

CCTV Systems

Monitor your property from your computer or phone with our range of CCTV systems.

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