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OHEAP Fire & Security company is a third-generation family-run business. We’ve been a fire alarm company and fire protection specialist since 1958 and are trusted by over 12,500 customers across 40,000 sites nationwide.

At OHEAP, our goal is to empower businesses to protect their people, property and assets. Whether that’s through our decades of experience, talented staff or our cutting edge products and latest technology.

As all OHEAP Fire Extinguisher Engineers are both British Standard qualified and BAFE registered, for third-party accreditation we’re highly qualified to act as that responsible person on your behalf.

But we can protect your business or premises from more than just fire; we offer security systems, access systems and PPE equipment.

4kg vehicle fire extinguisher

Our Services

At OHEAP, we help you protect your business, property and staff.

Whether it is managing the risk of fire, protecting against unwanted guests, or safe-guarding your employees as they work, we can help.

Full servicing and maintenance of safety equipment is the only way to ensure all your safety equipment is reliable in the event of an emergency.




The OHEAP Fire Extinguisher Ensgineers are all BAFE qualified and are one of only a few companies who will discharge test your extinguishers at 5 years, rather than replacing them, reduce your costs and carbon footprint.





Protect your business, your staff, your premises, and your assets with a security system that fits your needs. We can help you manage and restrict access to your enviroinment with Access Control that encorporates the latest biometric technology. Or ANPR and facial recognision camera technology that can automatically raise car park barriers or open doors. The possibilities are endless.

Or OHEAP can provide you with any and all protective workwear with, no matter how specialist including; ESD, ARC Flash and flame retardant and Gore Tex. All embroidered with your logo on request.

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Fire prevention and detection are intrigal elements of any fir erisk management strategy. We offer Fire Risk Assessments to help you identify risk areas and take remedial actions to manage those risks to as low as reasonably practicable.

Part of this is also ensuring your fire doors emergncy lighting and fire alarm systems are all in top working order with regular servicing and maintenance.

Emergency Lighting

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Our Credentials

Being able to trust the protection you have in place for your business is crucial.

This is why everyone at OHEAP is committed to providing industry-leading, expert advice and guidance, alongside outstanding customer service.

Which is why we work with several third-party bodies to ensure we work to the highest industry standards.