Intruder aLARMS

Sleep peacefully knowing your business is protected with our 24/7 monitored intruder alarms.

The best way to protect against crime is to prevent it from happening. That’s where our intruder alarms come in. Our team of engineers will design a system specific to your property ensuring our branded bell boxes are placed in highly visible areas to deter any criminal behaviour. 

Should your intruder alarm system ever be called upon you can rest assured knowing that our systems can alert you through your smart device or our 24/7 monitoring station if alerted. 

Our security engineers can design you a system tailored to your risks, premises and budget that will help keep you protected.

Using the very latest technologies available to us, we can design and install a state of the art solution designed to detect, deter and monitor unauthorised entry.

We can also integrate your new intruder alarm system with CCTV and access control systems giving you a complete 360 security solution. 


What type of intruder alarms do you offer?

All of our intruder alarms are industry graded installed systems. Our systems will conform to all regulations for most good insurers and are meet standards set out by NSI and SSAIB.

What's the installation process?

Before installation one of our specialist security consultants will complete a site survey and a risk assessment. With this information, we’ll then design a solution to suit your needs and budget. Once you’re happy with our solution we’ll then install it with minimal disruption to your workplace. 

How often do intruder alarms need servicing?

Depending on the system installed servicing is required either annually or every six months.

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Sleep peacefully with out 24/7 monitored intruder alarms.

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