Safety Footwear

Make sure your staff can safely put their best foot forward

According to HSE statistical analysis, 196,910 (29%) of accidents in 2016/17 were caused by slips. Some of these could have been prevented with correct footwear. Getting the right footwear will make life safer and easier.

At OHEAP Fire & Security we have a range of safety footwear available including safety shoes, safety boots, rigger boots, wellingtons, waders, footwear accessories, disposable overshoes and socks.

The safety footwear standard is referred to as EN ISO 20345. The EN ISO 20345 standard sets out the minimum requirements that safety footwear must be successfully tested against.

All safety footwear in this standard is at least SB which means it has toe protection against a 200 Joule impact. Safety footwear can also be tested for extra protective features, which are:

  • SBP (Penetration Resistant)
  • S1 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption)
  • S1P (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant)
  • S2 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Water Resistant)
  • S3 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant, Water Resistant)
  • S4 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Waterproof)
  • S5 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant, Waterproof)
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