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According to HSE statistical analysis, 196,910 (29%) of accidents in 2016/17 were caused by slips. Some of these could have been prevented with correct footwear. Getting the right footwear will make life safer and easier.

At OHEAP Fire & Security we have a range of safety footwear available including safety shoes, safety boots, rigger boots, wellingtons, waders, footwear accessories, disposable overshoes and socks.

What We Offer

4kg vehicle fire extinguisher

Safety Is A Priority

Safety is a priority for workers in many industries and if you want to stay safe on the job, then a pair of safety shoes are an absolute must. With so many different types of safety footwear available it can be hard to know which ones offer the best protection.

The right kind of footwear can protect against serious injuries such as broken bones and torn ligaments caused by impact or penetration.

    Safety Footwear Standards

    The safety footwear standard is referred to as EN ISO 20345. The EN ISO 20345 standard sets out the minimum requirements that safety footwear must be successfully tested against.

    Safety boots, shoes, trainers and wellies!

    EN ISO 20345:2011

    Slip, oil, heat and water resistant options

    4kg vehicle fire extinguisher

    Choosing the Right Uniform

    To ensure your team have a uniform they can be proud of and protects them against potential risks why not visit our Safety Supplies Partner - Online Safety Supplies.

    All their products are tested and designed to meet their EN or domestic standards (were applicable) and full data and test sheets are either available to download directly from their site or available on request.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is The SB Standard?

    All safety footwear in this standard is at least SB which means it has toe protection against a 200 Joule impact. Safety footwear can also be tested for extra protective features, which are:

    • SBP (Penetration Resistant)
    • S1 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption)
    • S1P (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant)
    • S2 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Water Resistant)
    • S3 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant, Water Resistant)
    • S4 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Waterproof)
    • S5 (Antistatic, Fuel Oil Resistant, Energy Absorption, Penetration Resistant, Waterproof)


    We work with several third-party bodies to ensure we work to the highest industry standards.

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    BAFE Fire Safety Register
    Alcumus safecontractor

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