When is High Visibility Clothing Required?


Is high visibility clothing required? Answer, certainly a requirement for working in hazardous situations.

High visibility clothing helps keep workers safe on the road, as well as being useful when walking or cycling on public land.

What is High Visibility Clothing?

High visibility clothing is required as a form of personal protective equipment (PPE). This provides protection against hazards when working in potentially dangerous situations.

It helps keep workers safe on the road, as well as being useful when walking or cycling on public land. High visibility clothing often incorporates reflective materials to make the wearer more visible. Especially at night and in poor weather conditions.

High visibility clothing has been around since the late 1950s. When it was first introduced, it helped to combat foggy conditions on construction sites. Since then, it has become an essential part of workwear. Now high-visibility clothing is available to buy for both men and women from many retailers across the UK.

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Required High Visibility Clothing

When is High Visibility Required?

When is high visibility clothing required in the UK?

  • Construction workers & road construction workers
  • Rail workers
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Engineering & utility workers
  • Emergency responders
  • Crossing & parking attendants
  • Airport ground crews
  • Road sweepers 
  • Event security
  • Rubbish collection workers

The high visibility clothing required provides protection against injury. Helping keep workers safe when working on site is vital. We utilise hi-vis the most during night shifts or roles that involve being outside after dark.

What Does High Visibility Clothing Look Like?

A piece of high visibility clothing is required to be made from strong, durable materials. For example, cotton is a popular choice for many workwear pieces as it’s comfortable and easy to clean.

Other important characteristics include:

  • Reflectivity: You’ll find this in the form of reflective strips on the shoulders or back. These are designed to make you more visible at night or in poor weather conditions, so they’re essential for anyone who works outside during low-light hours.
  • Brightness: Most garments will be bright yellow or orange with black reflective bands around the cuffs and waistline. The brightness level depends on where you live; in some countries like Colombia, visibility gear must be unusually bright compared to other countries because there are fewer streetlights available!
  • Durability: The roles that require high visibility tend to be subject to harsher conditions both with weather or physically through manual labour. 
  • Comfortable: Easy to clean and easy to wear. Wearing these garments over long periods of time can be uncomfortable so ensuring your workwear fits properly is essential.

Popular Items of High Visibility Clothing

As a general rule, any work clothing that’s fluorescent orange, yellow or lime green is considered high visibility. This includes vests, jackets, hats, trousers, shirts and socks.

Workers who drive vehicles at night or in poor weather conditions may need to wear high visibility aprons or overalls.

High visibility standards

Required High Visibility Clothing


High visibility clothing is a necessity for many workers in the UK. From road workers and construction workers to cyclists and farmers. It’s important that you understand when you will be required to wear it and how much visibility your clothing provides before buying any new pieces of apparel.


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