What is Fire Retardant Workwear?


Safety clothing is designed to protect the wearer. What is fire retardant? Fire retardant garments are essential in many industries. Additionally, the clothing provides protection to people who work in an environment where they may risk exposure to flames or heat. All industries need to ensure the safety of their employees, and where possible, protect them from potential hazards.

If a company’s risk assessment determines that there is a real possibility of exposure to flames or high temperatures, then fire retardant garments are essential. 

What is an arc flash hazard

What is Fire Retardant Workwear?

Fire retardant clothing is a type of garment that is often made from natural fire retardant materials such as wool or cotton. Another method is to treat garments with fire-resistant chemicals or additives that resist burning.

This helps to protect the wearer from burns and is designed to protect from flash fires. As a result, this can occur when combustible materials are exposed to heat or flame. If a flash fire occurs, it will spread quickly and cause injuries to those nearby.

Important to note. Natural materials are inherently fire retardant meaning that laundering these garments won’t reduce their ability to resist fire. Unlike flame-resistant chemicals. 

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Fire Retardant Workwear Standards

  • EN11612 – Protective Clothing Against Flame/Heat
  • EN11611 EN470 – Welding Protection Clothing
  • EN14116 EN533 – Flame Protection Clothing

What are the Benefits to Fire Retardant Clothing?

Fire retardant clothing is designed to protect you from fires and may also help save your life in a fire situation. For example, if you are caught on fire, wearing flame-resistant clothes can help keep your body cool and prevent extensive damage to the skin.

High-risk industries will often use fire retardant clothing. Where there are higher levels of potential danger from flash fires and burns. Also these garments provide protection against thermal injury (burns), smoke inhalation and other risks associated with these types of fires. High risk includes firefighters and manufacturing employees.

The purpose of these special fabrics is to give the wearer extra protection in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation where they might have to fight off flames or go through an area with significant levels of smoke and heat.

The benefits of wearing fire retardant clothing include:

  • Protection against open flames
  • Protection against receiving severe burns
  • Protection against fire
  • Protection against metal splashes

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Fire Retardant, Necessary for Certain Industries

What is fire retardant clothing? Firstly, a necessity for those working in industries where there is a risk of fire. Secondly, the act of wearing fire retardant clothing can help protect you from being injured, killed or burned by a fire.

This includes people who work with flammable materials such as oil, gas and chemicals; those who work in manufacturing plants that use flammable solvents; people who use machinery that could cause sparks (e.g., welders); and anyone exposed to electrical equipment or wires that may spark and start fires.

This can be worn by anyone, and it’s especially important if you work in a job that involves firefighting or welding. If you don’t have a job with those risks, fire retardant clothing is still a good idea!

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