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Fire Door Signage

What type of safety sign is used as a fire door sign? What colour are fire exit signs? These are important questions that all business owners and property managers should know the answer to. A fire door is an essential piece of safety equipment in any building, so it’s crucial to make sure that it is properly labelled.

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What Are Fire Exit Signs?

One of the most important signs that should be on a fire door is the “Fire Exit” sign. In detail, a fire door sign indicates to occupants of the building where the fire exit is located. As well as, reminding them to use the correct exit in the event of a fire. Equally important, the “Fire Exit” sign should be placed at eye level so that it is visible from a distance.

Fire exit signs are a well-known way to lead people in the right direction. To be sure you are following the correct signage, they’re green often with directional arrows on them. As a result, this direction will inform you which side of the building or room you should go towards when trying to escape from an emergency situation. With this in mind you can exit the building as quickly as possible.

What Colour are Fire Exit Signs?
what colour are fire exit signs

What Colour are Fire Exit Signs?

Often in fire door signage, green symbolises good. These signs represent the most efficient way to exit a building. In the event of an emergency, look for the green and white oblong fire door signs. If an arrow is present on the sign, follow the arrow’s direction.

Fire Door Signage: Keep Shut Sign

Mandatory for all fire doors, it is vital to install a ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ sign. Circular signs symbolise mandatory precautions and are designed to offer assistance in the event of a fire.

These signs are circular, blue with white text and must-read ‘fire door, keep shut’. More guidance on safety signs can be found here.

Keep Door Shut Sign

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