How to Stop Fire Doors Slamming


Jolted awake by the sound of a fire door slamming shut? You’re not alone. “Hey Google, how do I stop fire doors slamming?” We have the answer.

Fire doors are designed to close quickly. Basically, they will automatically shut in the event of a fire. Consequently, this can often result in the fire door slamming shut with a loud bang. Nevertheless, we recommend a few things you can do to stop fire doors from slamming.

Is it okay to wedge a fire door open? Click here


Option 1: Overhead Fire Door Closers

We can eliminate the slamming of your fire door. Simply use a fire door closer.

Surface-mounted, these door closers are capable of holding over 100kg. Reduce the weight of the door, reduce the BANG. In fact, this can also help with children and disabled access. Fire doors become extremely lightweight.

Amazingly, these intelligent devices can adjust the speed in which a fire door closes. If the door is slowed through the use of an overhead fire door closer, then the fire door will not slam.

Overhead Fire Door Closers, Stop a Fire Door Slamming:

  • SLOW THE DOOR SPEED: Adjustable closing speed options to avoid fire door slamming.
  • REDUCE THE WEIGHT: A lighter door is easier to handle and far less likely to slam.

Other Key Benefits:

  • PROVIDE ACCESS: Children and disabled people can open the door easily due to the weight.
  • AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE: Doors close automatically rendering them safe for when a fire occurs.

Optional: Wireless Door Closers

We also recommend wireless door closers as a programmable option.

  • ELIMINATE CONSTANT SLAMMING: Doors can be held in an open position. Only when the alarm sounds will the door release/close. 

Basically, these devices will operate when the volume of the alarm is above a certain threshold. Once the threshold is met, the door closer will shut the fire door.

Lastly, in most residential settings a fire door is legally required to be self-closing.

Agrippa Acoustic Overdoor Door Closer

Option 2: Fire Door Retainers

Fire door retainers are also known as ‘fire door holders’ and are an important part of any fire safety system.

  • HOLD OPEN FIRE DOORS LEGALLY: Holds open fire doors until the alarm is sounded.
  • ELIMINATE FIRE DOOR SLAMMING: If the door is held open, it will not slam.

Other Key Benefits:

  • RETROFIT: Can be retrofitted to existing fire doors.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Fire doors are heavy, this provides wheelchair and child accessibility.
  • VENTILATION: Increase ventilation, and reduce viruses from spreading.
  • EN1155 certified.

Fire doors cannot be wedged open. Fire door holders will release the fire door when the fire alarm is sounded. This can then act as a barrier between employees and the flame.

Generally, fire doors are propped open. However this is dangerous and illegal.

OHEAP units are certified to EN1155. As a result, they are suitable for most business and public sector applications. With our wide range of options, you can find the perfect acoustic fire door retainer for your needs.

Door Holders to stop fire door slamming

Fire Door Retainers – Dorgard

Dorgard is an effective solution for ensuring fire doors are kept open, yet, able to close automatically in the event of a fire. A Dorgard can be set up in less than five minutes, and does not require constant monitoring. Once activated, Dorgard only requires 14 seconds or more of continuous alarm for closure to be initiated.

Extremely versatile, as it has a rubber plunger/stopper which allows it to be used on any type of door without damaging it. Overall, Dorgard is an ideal solution for busy businesses who want to ensure their premises are safe. Read More on Dorgard

Door Retainer - Dorgard

Why are Electromagnetic Release Devices Attached to Fire Doors?

Electromagnetic release devices are activated by an electrical current. When the current is interrupted, the door is released and can be opened. As fire doors are designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading, they need to be able to close quickly and seal tightly.

Electromagnetic release devices are attached to fire doors to allow them to close quickly in the event of a fire. Approved electric hold-open systems provide a more effective way of protecting your building from fires than conventional wedge devices.

These intelligent door releases will disable themselves in the event of a fire so that you can avoid any injuries when exiting the premises. Read More on Fire Doors Here

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