The Benefits of Having CCTV in Schools


CCTV in Schools:

CCTV cameras play an important role in keeping students and staff safer in schools. CCTV systems are installed on school campuses for three main reasons. Help prevent vandalism, monitor the performance of school personnel and provide a sense of security to the students.

Cameras have become a part of our daily lives. They’re used in airports, banks, and even malls. But their use in schools is much less common. It’s not hard to see why. The thought of a school having CCTV cameras installed around its premises can be unsettling for students and parents alike. However, recent research has shown that these cameras are actually one of the best ways schools can protect their pupils from harm and improve security.

Is CCTV In School a Good Idea?

CCTVs are a good idea for schools in the UK. In recent years schools have become safer with the installation of CCTV cameras. Parents, teachers and students all agree that having cameras in school helps to keep them safe from vandalism and violence. CCTV helps to manage, monitor and evaluate the performance of staff members This is an important aspect of running a successful educational institution.

School Classroom

Monitoring Teacher Behaviour

CCTV monitoring of teachers is not a new concept. However, it has become more prevalent in recent years. Schools are increasingly using CCTV cameras to monitor their teaching staff. Similarly to many businesses, this is to ensure that they adhere to the correct procedures and policies.

The main focus benefit of CCTV in a school should undoubtedly be creating a secure space for all. The installation of a CCTV system in the education sector ensures a safer environment. Safety is ensured for both children, teachers and also puts many parents at ease.

Surveillance will also discourage inappropriate and disorderly behaviour. Once inappropriate behaviour is stamped out, the academic performance of pupils will increase. Investment in quality CCTV systems can prevent abusive behaviour. CCTV camera systems give students peace of mind and reduce stress.

Monitor school teacher behaviour

Deterring Vandalism

CCTV cameras are installed in schools to help prevent vandalism. Vandalism is a problem in many schools and will cost schools thousands in repairs and damages. The more cameras your premises has, the less likely it will be that someone will commit vandalism against your property. Knowing you are being watched is often enough to deter crime.

If you are caught committing vandalism, then there’s a good chance you will face criminal prosecution and be arrested by police officers. Many would rather not do anything wrong than risk being arrested by law enforcement officials for their crimes.

A recent story from ‘The Press’ reports of police in North Yorkshire appealing for information about the persons involved in the acts of vandalism at Harrogate Primary School. A simple CCTV security system could have helped to prevent the unsuccessful outcome of this police investigation. Anti-social behaviour such as this is bound to cause alarm within the community, creating worrying feelings of school being an unsafe environment for children to be in.

Installation and Access of Cameras

The easy installation of wireless outdoor security cameras in schools can be the perfect solution to the problems of vandalism. By transmitting the camera’s video through an RF transmitter, the video is sent to a receiver.

Easy access to all images and video clips is available due to the connection from the receiver to the built-in storage device, or through cloud storage. With schools often being targeted for vandalism, the presence of visible CCTV cameras massively reduces the likelihood of it occurring due to the anticipated punishment which would entail.

vandalism in schools

Reducing Crime During School Closures

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many schools opted to invest in high-tech infrastructures. Many schools have opted to purchase new computers and laptops.

Staying connected has never been so important, especially post Covid lockdowns. Classes were able to continue through the use of e-learning and zoom. Now that schools have reopened, new laptops and computers are stored on school premises. This has made schools an even greater target during the night, weekends and school holidays with the temptation of expensive equipment being more appealing to criminals.

This is particularly relevant at boarding schools where the safety of the pupils could be directly threatened at night. Even without taking into account the value of the goods, an empty property is a more likely target than one filled with people. A CCTV system to monitor the area 24/7 helps schools become safer, more secure, and protected places.

Discouraging Bullying

An important benefit of a CCTV system in a school environment is to prevent bullying and assist with the management of these scenarios. The importance of CCTV security systems is emphasised through the result of a global survey of teachers. The survey demonstrated that England was reported as one of the worst countries for bullying amongst secondary school pupils.

A statistic which further accentuates the need for CCTV security systems is the fact that although the frequency of bullying has decreased in several countries over the last five years, in England is has almost doubled. With over 24,000 Childline counselling sessions with children about bullying taking place in 2016/2017, the obvious advantages of installing a wireless CCTV/outdoor CCTV system to prevent the widespread trauma resulting from bullying, significantly outweighs any disadvantages.

using cctv for school bullying

Controlling Access to the School Site

The safety of both pupils and teachers starts by being in control of those entering and exiting the site. CCTV system installation allows schools to check that those on the school premises have proper authorisation to be there and are therefore not trespassing on the property.

In the case of an emergency, CCTV cameras mean that anyone who raises suspicion can than be alerted to other staff/emergency services. It is worth investing in CCTV systems with up-to-date modern surveillance technology as it allows for search terms to be input into the analytical software, resulting in a system which can automatically track and identify the wanted individual.

The utilisation of intelligent CCTV systems in the busy locations which are schools, provides a confidence that not only do the school have a comprehensive view coverage, but that should security issues arise, time can be used efficiently to sort them.


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