Superheroes On Duty at North West Anglia NHS Trust

Jan 30, 2024

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A team of engineers from OHEAP Fire & Security brought a little extra excitement to the children’s ward at Hinchingbrooke hospital, North West Anglia NHS Trust. 

As part of a series of works across the entire North West Anglia NHS Trust, OHEAP are upgrading the fire alarm systems and installing additional detection in multiple hospitals. 

While carrying out works on the Holly Ward and Children’s Unit in Hinchingbrooke Hospital on 29th January, the engineers decided to do something special for the children by dressing up as superheroes and providing them with goodie bags filled with tasty treats. 

OHEAP spent four days on the ward providing valuable upgrades to the fire alarm systems and smoke detectors. In addition to this vital work, they also installed a new visual indicator which alerts people to an emergency evacuation using strobe lighting, ensuring fire safety is protecting everyone – a vital component in a hospital setting. 

This is just one part of a hospital wide series of upgrades to install new detection and alarm solutions where needed, and to bring the existing measures up to a highest standard. 

OHEAP are dedicated to supporting NHS services and ensuring that patients and hospital staff are as well protected as possible. 

The OHEAP superheroes (including Batman, Superman, and Mr Incredible) went from bed to bed handing out 70 goodie bags filled with Milky Bars, Kinder chocolate, and Trolli sweets. The engineers even came back early from taking a break to surprise some children who had recently come out of surgery. 

Joined by another team of contractors who were equally dressed for the occasion, the OHEAP engineers delighted the children on the ward as they carried out crucial work on hospital’s fire safety systems. Nick Heap, OHEAP’s Managing Director, praised the team’s effort for going above and beyond: 

“For 50 years, OHEAP Fire & Security have been dedicated to supporting our community, so it’s a real privilege to get the chance to work with North West Anglia NHS Trust and support the amazing work they do. We already knew our engineers were superheroes, now the kids do too!”  

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