Why Should You Have Equipment Serviced?


By regularly having your equipment serviced and maintained it ensures your system is always in working order when you need it most such as in an emergency. Maintenance and servicing helps to identify potential problems and solutions for these problems to make sure your equipment is in top working condition. Below you will find the top five reasons why to get your equipment serviced and maintained:

1. Lower false alarms

By getting your equipment regularly maintained, it will reduce the risk of false alarms which will prevent disruption to your business, saves you money and protects your response levels with emergency services.

2. Peace of mind

Your security system provides you with the first warning of a fire or security breach for your visitors and staff. By keeping your system in top shape with our 24/7 reactive call-out facility you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

3. Save money

With your equipment regularly being serviced, this makes your systems work longer and results in lower system downtime. This will ultimately save you money by avoiding unscheduled call-outs.

4. Stay covered

Some insurance companies will require you to have your security system regularly maintained and serviced. Alongside this, all security systems that are linked to the Police or are financed under a lease agreement must have a current service and maintenance contract in place.

5. Compliance and Legislation

Security industry standards and current fire legislation including EN Standards, NSI, the Police, the Data Protection Act and Health and Safety Act require that all of your security systems and fire equipment that fall within their remit are covered under a formal maintenance agreement.

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