Why Emergency Lighting is Important


Emergency lighting plays a vital role in the safety of your employees. Every day, we work roles with a level of risk, some more than others. However, operations in any field can cause hazardous situations which result in power outages with limited lighting.

The purpose of emergency lighting is at least important in providing an independent source of illumination. Unlike common premises lighting, this will only activate when there is a loss of power. Regardless of how long the power is out, emergency lighting ensures that you are able to evacuate from a building safely. Without having to panic whilst attempting to use torches or candles.

Emergency lighting is now an important part of any business. Let’s learn more about why emergency lighting is important.

What is Emergency Lighting?

Critical to any building, emergency lighting is especially popular where power outages are common. A safe and reliable source of illumination allows people to safely exit the building. Emergency responders can then begin to access the area with minimal risk.

Equally, there is no one size fits all approach to understanding what constitutes an emergency light. Although there are certainly some general guidelines that apply across the board:

  • Firstly, we must be able to provide sufficient illumination so people can exit a building safely during an emergency or when normal lighting would otherwise not be available.
  • Secondly, we must also provide sufficient illumination so first responders such as police officers or firefighters can enter damaged buildings without putting themselves at undue risk.
  • Finally, many jurisdictions require specific types of lamping (lamps) depending on how long they need to run before being shut off automatically after an extended period (this prevents damage from occurring over time).
Emergency Lighting

Why is Emergency Lighting Important?

Evacuate from a Building During an Emergency

Emergency lighting is important for any safety plan. In the event of a power failure, emergency lighting works as an independent light source and can help guide you out of the building.

To maximise visibility, lights are usually installed at regular intervals along corridors and stairwells. This ensures people can find their way in the dark. Emergency lights come in both portable and fixed varieties, but they all have one thing in common. They’re designed to be used during emergency situations!

Some systems also include exit signs which indicate where doors lead outside or into other areas within buildings. This can be extremely helpful if someone needs clarification about where they are located during an evacuation procedure.

Without Emergency Lighting, Evacuation isn’t Guaranteed

The importance of emergency lighting is often overlooked. Without it, evacuating the building could be a risky undertaking. If there is no light in any area of your workplace, you and your coworkers may not be able to move around safely. Especially if someone else needs assistance.

If there is an unexpected power failure in your building during an emergency situation (such as a fire), it’s important that everyone has access to functioning lighting. We need to be able to see where we are going while escaping to safety.

Emergency Lighting

Leading Cause of Fatalities and Injuries

Emergency lighting is an essential component of any building. It helps ensure that individuals can evacuate safely during an emergency, and it helps them find their way to safety.

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for any commercial or residential building that has more than one level. In fact, any time you walk into a public building like a school or hospital, you’ll notice the lights are on even when there’s no one there. This is because it’s necessary for them to have emergency backup power during times when they’re occupied with people indoors.

Essential to Any Safety Plan

Without emergency lighting, evacuation can be a risky and dangerous activity. The use of emergency lighting is an essential part of any safety plan.

Emergency lighting is designed to help you evacuate from a building during an emergency. It can prevent fatalities and injuries that might occur due to poor visibility caused by smoke or darkness in the event of fire, power failure or other emergencies.

How does it work?

Emergency lighting is a complete system of independent lights that will illuminate in the event of a power failure. These systems are designed to provide illumination and assist in evacuation from buildings. They work by providing light sources that are independent of the main power supply, so if there’s ever an issue with your building’s utility grid or wiring, emergency lighting will still be available to help you get out safely.

Emergency lighting is different from exit signs because it works independently of the main electrical system. Exit signs are connected directly to the building’s power source and only illuminate when there’s electricity running through them—if there’s an outage, they won’t work at all! Emergency systems can be set up so they won’t rely on any one piece of equipment: if something fails in one part of your emergency system, another part will take over without fail (like having multiple backups).


Emergency lighting is important, just as important as everyday lighting. The information we have provided above can help you decide if this type of light is right for you and your business. If not, then consider taking a look at some other options available on our website!

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