The Benefits of a Zerio Plus Fire Panel

Aug 8, 2022

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Distinguish the early signs of fire with help from the Zerio Plus advanced radio fire alarm system released by Electro Detectors. Electro Detectors are one of the leading manufacturers of wireless fire detection equipment in the UK. Zerio Plus remain at the forefront of using this wireless technology and they have installed fire alarm systems for some of the UK’s leading businesses, schools, universities, hotels and more.

Zerio Plus fire alarm systems are designed to provide early warning of a fire, giving you and your staff time to evacuate the building before it’s too late.

Fire Alarm Panel

What Is A Wireless Fire Alarm Panel?

A wireless fire alarm panel is a panel that connects directly to your fire alarm system. The panel is designed to allow for the connection of up to 240 devices, including detectors, which can be used for a variety of applications by different users in different locations. Wireless fire alarm systems operate in much the same way as addressable fire alarm systems, but instead of signals being transmitted by wiring they are sent using radio waves to the main control panel.

Fire detectors have their own addresses, mapped by the fire alarm panel, which means that when one sounds, the main control panel can pinpoint exactly where a fire is located in the building. In the case of false alarm activation, a simple visual inspection can verify whether there is actually an emergency.

Electro Detectors Ltd

Operating out of Harlow, Essex, this manufacturer is the UK’s leading developer of wireless fire detection equipment. Having traded since 1988, they pride themselves on quality, design and commitment to keep developing better systems.

Who Are Wireless Fire Alarm Panels Designed For?

Many people prefer to use wireless fire alarms because they are cable-free. Wireless alarm systems are particularly appealing in buildings with historical or architectural integrity because their appearance won’t be spoiled by miles of unsightly cabling.

Instead of using copper wiring, radio waves are used to transmit data. In addition, wireless systems are also ideal for large commercial or institutional buildings, such as schools, universities, office complexes and hospitals.

  • Suitable for any commercial building.
  • Buildings where wiring isn’t feasible.
  • Old, protected buildings.
  • Heritage buildings.
  • Castles, currently in Windsor Castle.
  • Hotels, currently in the Ritz Hotel, London.
  • Restaurants.
  • Small shops.
  • Office blocks.
  • For businesses where aesthetics are important, such as high-end retail outlets.
  • For businesses which would suffer disruption if they had to shut off areas of the building, e.g. hotels.
  • For historic or listed buildings, or those with building restrictions (The Ritz & Windsor Castle are wireless).
  • For buildings which are likely to be renovated or extended in the near future.
  • For buildings with difficult points of access such as narrow stairwells or high ceilings.
  • For complex sites with multiple buildings such as schools or colleges.

The use of radio-based fire alarm technology is an increasingly popular option, as it can significantly reduce installation time and cost while avoiding the disturbance that cabling may cause during both new fits as well as upgrade installations.

The Benefits Of A Wireless Fire Alarm Panel

Wireless fire alarms can reduce costs by eliminating wiring and reducing the time needed to install a system. They also allow for greater flexibility in the placement of detectors throughout a building and make it easier to add new devices or replace existing ones. Additionally, wireless alarms provide prompt and accurate identification of a problem when detectors are triggered because the signal is transmitted immediately to the central control panel with details of the exact fire location. This helps to reduce false-alarm activations.

Inside Zerio Plus Panel

The Zerio Plus Alarm Panel

If you’re looking to install an incredibly popular fire alarm panel then look no further. Firstly, the Zerio Plus is a compact, small and versatile fire alarm system. We can install this panel into any type of commercial or residential building.

The Zerio Plus replaces the well-established Millennium and Zerio series of equipment. Electro Detectors Zerio Plus has combined the advantages and features of both systems. In addition, the Zerio Plus system is an enhanced and improved version of the original EN54 fire detection system. Radio wireless systems have been much easier to use since then, with automatic set-ups that make installation simple.

Wireless fire alarm system zerio plus

Zerio Plus Cabling

This system is designed for those who want to avoid disrupting their building through excessive cabling. We usually have to cable an entire system which takes a lot of time and effort. We can avoid this horror with a wireless system. The wireless Zerio Plus panel requires the fire alarm panel to be linked via one mains power cable during installation. The rest of the system is wirelessly linked using radio frequency.

In addition, wireless or wired signal boosters can be used to extend the range of a system, and during automatic setup, the system will configure these devices so that they work properly.

Zerio Plus Zones and Devices

The Zerio Plus fire alarm control panel supports up to 100 zones. This system can also manage up to 240 fully addressable wireless devices.

If the devices are installed at a greater distance from the control panel than is possible with radio communication, either a booster or wired transceiver can be added to relay information around the system.

The system can accommodate up to 7 boosters and 7 wired transceivers. If larger systems are required, we can link them, allowing for 960 devices with 60 panels linked together.

Zerio Plus Panel

Zerio Plus Ease Of Use

The Zerio Plus system is remarkably easy to use. Users can access and manipulate data through the control panel, which has a menu structure that even beginners will find simple enough to navigate.

This system begins with a wireless Zerio Plus fire alarm panel.

Zerio Plus Installation

The installer need not purchase additional equipment to configure the complete system; they can use the control panel during installation and set-up, program devices, and commission it all at that time.

Automatic configuration and setup reduce the risk of errors during configuration. The addition or removal of devices no longer requires additional programming equipment. This makes it easier when we service customer networks.

Complex cause and effect relationships can be programmed into a panel through the front keypad or by connecting a standard USB keyboard. Alternatively, information may be downloaded from a PC to an external memory fob-type device that is then plugged into the control unit.

The console’s internal configuration and operating data can be downloaded onto the same memory fob, which then allows the user to analyse or backup that information on a PC.

The Zerio Plus Panel Features

The Zerio Plus fire alarm panel supports 240 addressable devices across 8 zones, with a single mains connection. In addition, the Zerio Plus fire alarm system is easy to install and the system can be programmed to run in test mode. It is compatible with up to 7 repeater panels and radio booster units that can all be linked together to form a system compiled of 960 devices total.

  • Supports 240 addressable devices across 8 zones.
  • Easy to install – Single mains connection required.
  • System and zone event LEDs (Overall status).
  • High-quality LCD screen.
  • Intelligent “learn” mode to assist with device setup.
  • Test modes, sounder circuits & fault relays.
  • Up to 7 repeater panels & radio booster units.
  • Separate systems can be linked (up to 960 devices).
  • Also available as a 20-zone panel
  • Certified to EN 54 Parts 2, 4, & 25 and BS 5839 Part 1

The panel is also available in a 20-zone version, which meets the requirements of EN 54 Parts 2, 4 and 25 as well as BS 5839 Part 1.

Zerio Plus Wireless Smoke Detector

The Zerio Plus detector is designed to offer the advanced features of its predecessor. The detector is housed in an attractive, low-profile casing. The addressable detector contains a powerful processor, making use of surface mount technology to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability.

The combined optical smoke detector and sounder ensure maximum performance with minimal interference. Zerio Plus has achieved long operational life, high sensitivity and stable operation by using sophisticated protocols and technologically advanced components.

The Zerio Plus detector is a radio-wave controlled, fully customisable product. Its unique serial number and the length of time in service are stored in memory. All data is retained in this non-volatile memory, so it will not be erased or corrupted even if the power supply is disconnected.

The detector has a battery life of up to 7 years and its sensor can be recalibrated, but sophisticated self-testing ensures that it always works reliably. The Zerio Plus smoke detector meets all related British, European and international standards prescribed by BS5839 (British Standard) and EN54 (European Norm). The detector is mounted using two screws and has a battery built into its base.

Zerio Plus Smoke Alarm


In conclusion, the decision to purchase a fire detection system for your home or office should involve many factors. If you are looking for the best fire alarm systems, we advise you to follow these steps. Evaluate the different types of systems available and match them based on their suitability for your needs.

We feel it is important to find a company that offers high-quality products. Our extensive range offers quality products from high-end brands, such as the ones listed above. We should focus on seeking a system that is easy to use. In addition, we often focus on affordability, for example, the price based on the features and reliability. We know that having a fire detection system in place can help save lives. You are always prone to fires in your property, home and business.

Wireless fire alarm systems are the future. They are certainly here to stay. A wireless fire alarm system will provide a number of benefits over traditional wired systems. This will often include improved installation time and lower costs. Also, they allow for greater flexibility in the placement of detectors throughout your home or business and can be set up automatically with ease.

Lastly, if you have any questions about wireless fire alarm systems, we are here. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Manufacturers Electro Detectors

Electro Detectors Ltd. is a manufacturer of security systems based in Harlow, Essex. They manufacture all their products in-house and pride themselves on the quality and design of each product line. They create all of their products here in Britain.

Electro Detectors designs and builds advanced radio-frequency systems used in fire detection and alarm applications. They have over 30 years of fire alarm manufacture and design. We have been working alongside Electro Detectors for years and have formed a great relationship with them.

Radio fire detection is a relatively new technology. In the 1980s, many National Trust and English Heritage properties, as well as privately owned homes, were searching for alternatives to hardwired systems that caused disruption when repairing or replacing them.

We know that their systems will provide extremely good coverage for every application. This includes the installation of a small private dwelling with only a few devices to large complexes that have over 1,000 connected devices.

Known for their Millennium system, Zerio has now combined the advantages and features of both Millennium and Zerio to provide you with a combination that’s even better.

EN54 Compliant

EN54 is a collection of European standards that we must adhere to. These regulations include product and application guidelines for fire detection and fire alarm systems. Also, voice alarm systems.

The product standards define the characteristics, test methods and performance criteria. These are used to assess the effectiveness and reliability of every component in a fire detection or alarm system.

EN54 is applicable to all types of fire detection and alarm systems, including those designed for use in industrial and commercial premises, as well as residential applications. The standards are intended to ensure that the system has the required performance characteristics and the systems are fit for purpose.

They ensure that systems can detect fires quickly and reliably, and alert users to their presence. They also ensure that the system can be used in a range of applications.

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