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Watermist Systems

Watermist systems distribute very small droplets of water to create the maximum cooling effect on a fire.  Such systems are based on the well established principles of hydraulic technology.  The water is stored in tanks or cylinders and pipes take the water to areas where it might be needed. Spray heads discharge the water in the form of water mist.  The tiny droplets create a large effective cooling surface area of the fire and surrounding volume.  The high speed of the droplets means they can penetrate the hot fumes and reach the combustion area.  If water is unsuitable (usually due to its electrical conductivity) then a foam agent may be added.

Watermist systems work in 3 complimentary ways:

  1. Cooling – water spray in droplets of micron size produces a large surface area for heat absorption.  Once in contact with hot bodies and gases, these droplets turn to vapour, absorbing a large quantity of heat, equivalent to 540 calories per gram.
  2. Smothering – the water in its vapour state occupies 1600 times more volume than as a liquid and displaces an equivalent volume of oxygen, thus creating a smothering effect.  If both the water vapour generated and the temperature in the hazard is high enough, the concentration of oxygen can fall drastically in the whole room.
  3. Attenuation – the mist cloud generated in the enclosure absorbs a large part of the radiated heat, thus protecting the adjoining risks.

Watermist systems can be used for Total Flooding (where the growth and spread of the fire is limited, adjoining fuel is cooled and upper gas temperatures are contained) and Local Application (where there is complete fire suppression of the risk).


  • Drastic reduction of temperature
  • Efficient on deep-seated fires
  • Efficient for flammable liquid fires, preventing re-ignition
  • Minimal water damage
  • Easy to refill
  • Suitable for local application and total flood hazards
  • Environmentally friendly.  No damage to the environment
  • Economical.  Minimum cost in system refilling
  • Does not create by-products of combustion

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