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Fire extinguisher servicing involves testing, handling and maintaining safety of fire extinguishers to guarantee their effective use during fire emergencies. Checking the extinguisher has not been used or if anything has been tampered with, making sure the pressure gauge reading is correct and checking for blockages in the discharge hose.

This ensures that a unit discharges correctly, that the internal inspection can be made, new sealing parts are added and new medium is used to refill these units, if compliant, they are then put back into service

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Fire Extinguisher servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Within the legislation that covers fire risk assessments, (Health and Safety at Work) there is a requirement for all types of extinguishers to be serviced, annually. OHEAP Fire and Security are specialists in maintaining all types of fire equipment, working with qualified, certificated technicians and within the British Standards 5306 parts 3, 8 and 9.

Up to 10 year guarantee

All extinguishers kitemarked

All extinguishers BS EN3 compliant

Don’t Replace Your Existing Extinguishers

Within the British Standards, all types of extinguishers, apart from carbon dioxide units, require an extended service every fifth-year anniversary. Briefly explained, each foam, water, powder, and wet chemical extinguisher, must undertake a test that empties their contents.

This ensures that a unit discharges correctly and that an internal inspection can be made. Therefore, new sealing parts are added and a new medium is used to refill these units, if compliant, they are then put back into service.

This means you don’t need to replace extinguishers just because they are 5 years old, you can have them serviced with OHEAP and as long as they pass as safe, they can be returned to use.

4kg vehicle fire extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher servicing in Derby

All work is undertaken by BSI and BAFE assessed engineers at your site

Carried out discreetly with minimum disruption

Installed to British Standards

Cost savings on discharging against replacement at the fifth year

All work is in line with both BSI and DEFRA regarding environmental issues

Reduced carbon footprint for removal and supplying of raw materials to scrap or manufacture extinguishers


We work with several third-party bodies to ensure we work to the highest industry standards.

bsi certified logo
bsi certified logo
BAFE Fire Safety Register
Alcumus safecontractor

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