What Does Embroidered Mean?


What Does Embroidered Mean?

The Origin of Embroidery

Embroidered means decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Additionally, we know the word embroidery comes from the French word for embroidering, ‘broderie’, meaning embellishment.

Early embroidery is traced back to 30,000 BC and we know that the origin traces back to China. This practice soon spread across the world.

Archaeologists have located hand-stitched garments on fossilized persons across Sweden from the Viking Age. Following this, the need for embroidered items grew in Europe. This was due to the growth of the Christian church. Additionally, in Medieval Islam it showed signs of higher social status. Other huge cities which adopted embroidery include Cairo, Istanbul and Damascus.

So what does embroidered mean? Simply, a form of handicraft that involves sewing different materials through fabric or other forms of textile.

The Meaning of Embroidery

As mentioned, embroidered means that the item of clothing has been decorated with a pattern or design. This is a design that has been stitched by hand or intelligent machine. Also, the process makes use of a needle. This needle is used to push thread through a piece of fabric. Simultaneously, the thread will strengthen through multiple stitches. Once mastered, you are able to add beautiful patterns and designs to clothing, furnishings, etc.

Embroidery differs from sewing.

  • Sewing primarily involves attaching two pieces together.
  • Embroidery focuses more on decoration and cosmetic improvements.

Embroidered patches are commonly used by individuals who want their favourite logo or design on their clothes without having it printed on them using ink. Additionally, there are many different types of embroidered patches available for sale; some come in assorted colours while others are only available in black or white.

Machine embroidered means a sewing machine is being used to create beautiful designs on fabrics and textiles. The process begins with a pattern that has been digitized and converted into a digital file (stored on your computer). Then gets transferred onto the fabric through electronic needles that move up and down in long rows as they sew each stitch by hand.

embroidery cap, what embroidered means

Where is Embroidery Used?

Embroidery is most often used on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim and golf shirts. The reason for this is easy: these items are meant to be durable and long-lasting. Embroidery adds some flair to the item which makes it stand out from other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

The most popular types of clothing that can be embroidered include embroidered polo shirts and custom t-shirts because they’re inexpensive ways to add a little extra flare without breaking the bank. When you want something more unique than just a plain white tee shirt but don’t want anything too flashy either then an embroidered shirt may be just what you need!

If you’re interested in getting started with embroidery then here’s what we recommend before buying your first machine:

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