Where to Put Fire Extinguishers in the Kitchen


Kitchen Fire Extinguishers Are Vital:

Fire extinguishers in the kitchen are vital. You should have one or two in your kitchen so that you can quickly put out a fire if it starts. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best place for your fire extinguisher. It should be located in an area where people will see it and use it easily. But also somewhere that won’t cause too much damage if the contents inside come out while they’re trying to deal with a fire.

Fires happen most often in and around the kitchen. Cooking fires are easy to prevent. You can make your home safer by being aware of where fires can start and how to put them out if they do occur.

Fire Extinguishers in the Kitchen

Where to Put a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen

One of the best places to put fire extinguishers in the kitchen is within 30 feet of the stove. Because it’s where there is exposed fire and you cook. Many kitchen items are flammable and could catch on fire. Oil splatter, burning food and gas are just some of the more common examples.

Extinguishers need to be available for easy access. If you leave something inside the oven that catches on fire, it may not be able to be easily seen from the outside of the oven itself.

In a domestic setting where space is limited, another great location is near appliances. You should put an extinguisher next to any appliances that may cause fires such as microwaves or dishwashers. If your kitchen is small you can also mount smaller extinguishers to the wall if necessary.

Placements of Your Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

  • It should be placed in a visible location so that anyone entering the room can see it.
  • It should be placed in a location where it is easily accessible and not likely to be knocked over.
  • It should be placed in a location where it is not likely to be tampered with.

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Under the sink

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