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Sprinklers & Dry Risers

Sprinklers and Dry Risers are fire suppression systems that bring large quantities of water directly to the locations where it is needed. As a result they offer an extremely effective means of fire protection.

Sprinkler systems consists of pipes that are kept full off water, leading to sprinkler heads located at suitable points where the water is most likely to be required. A dry riser system is similar except that the pipes are not kept full of water (usually where there is a risk of freezing) but instead contains pressurised air and valves to let water through if a fire is detected.

In dry riser systems, the Fire Brigade would connect their hoses to the inlet and pump water in. With sprinkler systems, detectors are used throughout the building to automatically trigger the suppression system if a fire is detected. These systems are commonly used in commercial premises and increasingly also in domestic properties where owners want to limit potential damage to their property.

Why Choose Oheap?

  • All our products conform to BS5041 and/or LPCB.
  • We are a Fully Accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
  • Our electrical department work within the SP203-1 scheme and are NSI Gold Certified.


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Sprinkler & Dry Riser Design and Installation

Our engineers will work with you to determine the level of fire protection required.  A plan drawing is then created for the system, taking into account room size, sprinkler coverage, pipe locations and water supply.  A choice is made between a sprinkler system or a dry riser system and suitable sprinkler heads and other fittings selected.  Where a system is required to be as unobtrusive as possible (such as a domestic or office installation) we will work with you to select suitable fittings and even colour-match them to a Pantone reference if required.

Sprinkler & Dry Riser Servicing

British Standard BS5306 recommends that all sprinkler and dry-riser installations are visually inspected  every 6 months and hydraulically pressure tested once a year.  We offer a full testing service using our own qualified engineers and fire engine.  Upon satisfactory completion of a test, we will issue a Certificate of Conformity together with a copy of the detailed test report.