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To safeguard the integrity of fire barriers and load bearing structures, whether they are ceilings, floors, roofs, walls or doors.

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Our intumescent products protect structural openings where services pass through building elements such as fire rated ceilings, floors and walls, to maintain their integrity.  

Passive fire prevention is the first line of defence during the outbreak of a fire which works without human intervention. Sealing openings to contain fire by means of compartmentalisation, by stopping the passage of fire across the surface, and by resisting the penetration of fires into structural elements. This not only limits the damage to property, it gives time for people to evacuate safety from the building and allows fire fighters to get into the scene.

When it comes to fire protection, every risk must be considered to ensure that loss of life and loss of property are kept to a minimum.

Many people are aware of the importance of fire barriers in delaying the spread of fire, they do not always consider the effects of breaching the fire barrier, perhaps to allow electrical wires or other services to pass through. Our passive fire products are designed to safeguard the integrity of fire barriers, whether they are ceilings, floors, roofs or walls.

Other products in our range are designed to protect structures so that it can maintain its performance in a fire (e.g. load bearing steel work or fire doors).

Choosing the right product is essential. e.g seals must offer the same level of protection as the fire door. When protecting steel work it is vital to find out its protection rating and ensure that it maintains the load-bearing capacity in a fire. Our team of advisors are on hand to help you find the right product and ensure it is installed in accordance with the relevant standards and recommendations.


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