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A full range of Fire Extinguishers from traditional Water Fire Extinguishers to Specialist Fire Extinguishers for specific applications.

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Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers contain water and a foaming additive. They work by forming a layer of film across the burning materials, starving them of oxygen. The water in the extinguishers also works on the fire by absorbing much of the heat. These extinguishers are suitable for Class A and Class B fires, including petrol and other flammable liquids and can also be used on furnishings where man-made fibres can turn to liquid in the intense heat of a fire.


  • Suitable for many environments where there is a risk of Class A or Class B fires
  • Can be used safely near sources of electricity


  • The liquid in the extinguisher will damage electrical equipment such as computers (although these may of course have already been damaged by the fire itself)


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