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OHeap Achieve SSAIB Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that as of January 2019, we’ve been successful in achieving the SSAIB Accreditation for Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV disciplines by proving we are competent in the design, install and commissioning of the systems, demonstrating knowledge in all aspects of the British and European Standards, police legislation’s, and insurance […]

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Special Offer – Supply & Installation of a Monitored CCTV System

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OHEAP Launch Brand New Security Division

  OHEAP have big plans for 2018 with the launch of their brand new Security Division, to which they welcome their new Security Division Manager Mr Wayne Fletcher. Wayne comes with 14+ years’ experience in the security sector, starting out as an engineer back in 2004, and worked right through to achieving great successes at […]

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OHEAP become Gent 24 Elite System Integrators

OHEAP become Gent 24 Elite System Integrators: The Gent 24 Network of Approved System Integrators are independent fire specialist companies who have been selected, trained and approved based on their extensive capabilities and considerable experience in the fire industry. Due to the companies focus and commitment our status has changed to now become an Elite […]

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What does the New Standard for Visual Fire Alarm Devices mean for my business?

In January of this year, the new standard for Visual Fire Alarm Devices (EN54-23) came into force.  Designers of fire alarm systems must ensure their systems meet this new legislation,  the requirements for which have  been driven by the Equalities Act.  The product standard is designed to ensure that, as far as is practical, the […]

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Do I need Fire Extinguishers by Law?

There are 2 questions that we are asked every day: “Is it a legal requirement to have fire extinguishers?”, and “Do I need them in an empty building?”.  It’s not always possible to give a straight yes/no answer and here’s why…

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The True Cost of False Alarms

At a recent Fire Safety training day, the assembled colleagues enjoyed a dig at the chap who’d taken 10 minutes to evacuate the building during an alarm test.

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New Roles for Ian Harrison and Colin Offer

This week has seen the implementation of new responsibilities for two staff members, Ian Harrison and Colin Offer.

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Know Your Fire Extinguishers

There are many types of Fire Extinguisher and it is extremely important to have the right one available for the type of fire hazard you might encounter. For example, extinguishing a

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Fire Safety Legal Requirements for Business Owners

Whilst running your own business may seem like the ideal job, it comes with a great deal of responsibility. One of the areas sometimes overlooked by small business owners is the need for correct fire protection.

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